Eligibility, Requirements and Admissions

Eligibility for the program

You must be enrolled as a PhD or Master student at the University of Arizona and in good standing (this includes students currently enrolled in MA/MS programs that are prerequisite components of Ph.D. programs and who are expected to formally advance to Ph.D. programs). You should have a 3.5 or higher graduate GPA at the University of Arizona. Exceptions will be reviewed by the faculty advisory committee. 

Requirements for the certificate

You must complete four courses for a total of 12 credits, with a grade of ‘B’ or better in each course to receive the certificate. Per Graduate College requirements, all four courses must be completed within a four-year period.  The courses include:

  • One required three-credit course
  • Three graduate level electives (5XX, 6XX; 3 credits each) drawn from a list of courses approved by the certificate’s faculty advisory committee (see courses for list of options)
  • At least two of the four courses must be outside the student’s home unit to ensure breadth of exposure to different approaches

The required course will give an overview of CSS research, introduce relevant computing skills, discuss the theory and epistemology behind CSS, and explore ethical issues particular to CSS research.

One of the three electives could be an independent study where the student would work on a project under the guidance of a faculty member from the advisory committee.   


You can apply through the University of Arizona Graduate Admissions Application (GradApp) to submit their application (https://apply.grad.arizona.edu/users/login).

As part of your application you'll need:

  • A letter of purpose of why you are interested in a Certificate in Computational Social Science
  • List your research interests in bullet point form. Do not exceed 1000 characters.
  • List of classes you tentatively plan on taking (please include course designator and number, e.g., INFO 514 as well as when you want to take the classes)
  • Your adviser or the Director of Graduate Studies for your program needs to answer the questions in GradApp attesting to your graduate status and listing any special qualifications
  • An unofficial copy of a University of Arizona transcript must be uploaded to the application

Upon admission the Graduate College will require official transcripts. No course prerequisites, prior knowledge of a programming language, or standardized tests are required for admission.

If you have questions, please contact either the Director, Prof. Joseph Galaskiewicz (galaskie@email.arizona.edu) or the Graduate Coordinator, Ms. Stephanie Amado (samado@email.arizona.edu).

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