Charles J. Gomez

Assistant Professor, School of Sociology / School of Information

Social Sciences, Room 426

Charles Gomez is an assistant professor at the University of Arizona in the School of Sociology and the School of Information, as well as a member of the applied math GIDP. He is a computational and mathematical sociologist who studies inequality in global scientific knowledge production and diffusion. He uses natural language processing, social network analysis, and simulations in his work to study hierarchies, diffusion, and diversity. He was the PI of a three-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grant (2020-2023) that studied the growing stratification in global scientific research and its implications on field innovation. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford, his master’s degrees from the Harvard Kennedy School and Columbia, and his B.Sc.Eng. from Duke. His work has been featured in Nature Human BehaviourNature CommunicationsSocial NetworksJournal of Informetrics, and Sociological Science. Learn more at his website below: