School of Sociology

Ronald Breiger

Ronald Breiger works in the areas of social networks, stratification, math models, theory, and measurement issues in cultural and institutional analysis. He is fascinated by the prospects for encouraging closer intellectual relations between the sociology of culture, cultural studies, social network analysis, and formal models of classification and social meaning.

Erin Leahey

Erin Leahey (LAY-HEE) is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Arizona.  Her main research interests are scientific practice, scientific careers, and innovation.  Recently, she has conducted investigations of knowledge that spans domains – both subfields and fields.  With Sharon Koppman (UC Irvine), she has traced the diffusion of three unconventional techniques that were imported into sociology from other fields.  With Jim Moody she has found that subfield-spanning research is more highly cited (Social Currents 2014).  With Christine Beckman, she finds that field-spanning, interdis